The 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Derby.

Here are the top 5 favourite Italian restaurants in Derby that you have to visit!

The 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Derby

Where’s your favourite Derby Italian restaurant?

The simplicity of Italian ingredients, when merged together, can create masterpieces for every palate, and with the abundance of Italian restaurants in Derby, choosing the best won’t be an easy task.

So here are the top 5 Italian restaurants in Derby that you have to visit.

1. The European

The European

Situated on Derby’s beautiful Iron Gate, The European is a hidden gem.

The first thing which catches your eye is the restaurant space, relatively small but extremely well set up, giving guests the feeling of being invited over at someone’s house for dinner.

The menu isn’t strictly Italian, but has a unique approach to the cuisine, adapting it with a slight (but absolutely lovely) British touch.

2. Nico’s

Standing out on Brick Street, Nico’s embraces the family culture which makes Italian cuisine so great. You can expect all the classics here, ranging from pizza to calzones, to steaks and home-made pasta.

The pasta is freshly made, which shows you how dedicated Nico’s is to delivering an amazing experience to its customers. The best bit? Is not even that expensive!

3. Antibo’s


A vegetarian option should have been included in this list, right? Although very meat-based, Italian cuisine can be easily translated into a more green form. Antibo’s, situated on Midland Road, offers a variety of traditional Italian dishes with a vegetarian twist, for a not so expensive price.

If you are craving Italian food but you’re also not a meat eater, this could be your spot.

4. Zizzi

I am a bit sceptical when it comes to big Italian restaurant chains since I personally think that the best way to embrace Italian cuisine (without going there) is by going to a smaller, family-run place like the ones above.

If you’re still fancying a decent Italian meal out, Zizzi is a valid choice. The only downside would be the fact that its prices aren’t that low, therefore I recommend you to check online for any restaurant deals (as Zizzi does plenty of them!)

5. Cucina

The last one in our list is the (very) popular Cucina, situated in Green Lane. Cucina is yet again embracing the bucolic atmosphere which is typically associated with Italian restaurants. The thing which separates this place from the ones mentioned above?

An impeccable risotto, which, given its cooking complexity (yes, it is complicated to make a decent risotto), is something which will be worth the (not so expensive) bill.

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The 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Derby