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Lorentes, the tiny but perfectly formed bar, gives you a slice of authentic Spanish Tapas. With friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere, you’re sure to go back again and again.

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Sophie says...

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"Great atmosphere and fresh food"

Lorentes occupies a small space on Derby’s Friargate. Always bursting with people...

Lorentes occupies a small space on Derby’s Friargate. Always bursting with people it can be difficult to get a table if you do not book in advance.

It can be a bit of a squeeze in the restaurant, even if you book early on you can be very close to the people sitting on other tables. However, the staff are accommodating, very nice and also very funny!

Now onto the food…

Starting with perhaps the most traditional Spanish Tapas “Patatas Bravas Y Ali-Oli” – hand cut potatoes which come with two dipping sauces – which I have to say the taste is incredible (I ordered two lots in one sitting) Very moreish and not greasy. I would highly recommend.

Then onto the “Tortilla De Patata” – traditional Spanish omelette with potato and onion – it can be quite filling so please bear this in mind if you are not a big eater. It is very soft and goes quite well with the dipping sauces from the Patatas Bravas. (I actually went home and made my own Spanish Omelette after my visit)

I struggled with the “Champinoes Salteados” – garlic, parsley and onion sauteed button mushrooms – if you have been to Revolution de Cuba and tried their Sauteed Mushrooms it comes in a warm sauce with large sliced Mushrooms which is great for dipping bread and Patatas Bravas. However the ones at Lorentes had no sauce, were whole Mushrooms and were seasoned very strongly with salt and garlic – I ended up giving mine away to my dining partner who loved them, so defintely one to try if you like your garlic strong, and at the end of the day it is Tapas which is meant to be shared.

I would highly recommend trying their Paella. But make sure to read their menu as you have to allow 30-40 minutes to create the dish, and remember – the toasted rice at the bottom, which is called “socarrat” is the best part!

The Paella comes in two sizes – 2 or 4 people sharing. If you’re having Tapas as well then a 2 people Paella can easily go between 3-4. It can be filling and you want to make sure to try the different food they can offer.

I tried the “Paella Vegetal” which is courgette and mushroom Paella, once again the dish is bursting with flavour and juices from the vegetables, I aim to have it as a main meal just for myself next time, the Socarrat was delicious!

The menu also offers sides of freshly baked bread, olives, corn and almonds – which are suitable for Vegetarians.

Lorentes is cosy, the atmosphere is great, their food is fresh, the menus are marked vegetarian and gluten free friendly and I have heard their meat options are well worth a go – they also serve grilled octopus!

A very different take on the traditional Spanish dishes which you won’t find at many restaurants in Derby.

(Make sure to book in advance so you are not disappointed)

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