25 Wardwick, Derby, United Kingdom

I was lucky enough to be invited to try Derby’s newest escape room – Unescapeable.

Set in a beautiful building on Derby’s historic Wardwick, Unescapable is an immersive, interactive escape room experience using elements of theatre, puzzle solving and cooperation.

Simply named ‘Tommy’, our escape room was a portal back in time to 1917. Our mission was test the portal and also find out about life on the Western Front. With nothing but a backpack full of goodies and a hunger for exploration, we set about our task with guidance from Joe Allen and Stu Marno, the brains behind the escape room, who were very welcoming and helped make the experience more enjoyable.

Given only an hour to escape, we luckily managed it with just minutes to spare (of course you may do it quicker if you are the clever sort!).

If you enjoy escape rooms, or want to try something new then Unescapeable is certainly worth a go. There are more rooms planned for the future so watch this space.

Visit the website here for more details and to book your slot.

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