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Footgolf is the latest craze that replaces a golf ball with a football and a club with your foot.

Review by Adam

Some of us like playing football, and some of us like playing golf. However one of the newest sporting crazes of recent years combines both, the result – Footgolf.

The name of footgolf more-or-less tells you what the game is about. It’s golf but bigger, with footballs instead of golf balls, your legs and feet are the ‘clubs’, and the holes are much bigger. It’s a sport that has been getting more popular with several venues in the UK available for you to get your footgolf fix, including at Derby’s Markeaton Park.

I, along with some friends, went to Markeaton Park to have a game of footgolf, so what would this new activity be like for first-timers?

Derby’s footgolf venue uses the same greenery as the normal golf course but uses different flags and holes to keep the two sports separate. The course consists of 9 holes of varying difficulties – and on our visit the weather had provided some puddles.

This was my first time as a ‘footgolfer’, and it was one of the most enjoyable sporting activities that I’ve tried in a long time. I found playing footgolf so much more fun than normal golf, and I found Markeaton Park’s footgolf course to be quite interesting.

So if you are looking for a new sport to try out, even if it just for a fun day out, then I suggest you give footgolf a try.

Posted by: Adam Thompson on May 16, 2018
Golf Pavilion, Markeaton Park, Off Markeaton Island, Derby DE22 3AL
01332 640789
Max £8
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