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We can promote your business by:

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1. Business Listing

Adding your business, bar, pub, cafe and restaurant to Love Derby is super simple. Just head over to our ‘How it works’ page to get started. A business listing will allow you to feature a link to your website, link to all your social accounts, add images, description, email, opening hours and a phone number.

2. Social Plan

Your business listing posted to our 22,000+ Facebook and Twitter at least once a week. Pick the time and day and let us do the work.

Boost your listing to the top of its category by making it ‘Featured’.

4. Weekly What’s on Banner

The weekly What’s on eShot is sent to 3,000 subscribers. Get your business seen by placing a banner where it will be seen.

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“My research into Derby showed that this was the most popular Derby focused independent company on social media so was natural to partner with.”

Jason, Marketing Manager, Deliveroo


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