Darley Abbey Circular Walk.

The Papermill, Darley Street, Darley Abbey, Derby, UK


About Darley Abbey Circular Walk.

Take a lovely walk through the beautiful Darley park and marvel at a truly historical Derby suburb

This wonderful stroll takes you through the historic Darley Abbey Mills, the picturesque Darley Park and Darley Abbey Old Village.

Length: 2 miles

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy. Wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

Start: Poplar Row, Darley Abbey, Derby DE22 1DU

The Walk: When in the car park take the path below leading south

Keep left along the path passing the children’s play area.

Take the path on the left just after the play area and then head right walking along the wooden-esq path.

Keep right and head over the small bridge.

You should be near the river and the and the panorama will open up and you can see Darley Park in all its glory.

Follow the path as it bends along the river, you will pass the rowing club on your left.

Derby Rowing Club has been around since 1880 when it was founded in a pub by St. Mary’s bridge by a few friends who wanted to start rowing. At the time, the rowing club was no more than a shed at the side of the river, however, over the years that has changed into what is there today.

Derby Rugby Club

You’ll come to a bridge over the Derwent. Walk up the steps and head over the bridge to the Chester Green side.

Take the immediate path to the left, observing the cricket pitch and disused pavilion on your right.

You will pass a house on your right, notice the colouration on the wall, this indicates where an old Roman fort gate used to be.

As the road bends round to the right, you will notice there is a rough path straight ahead that hugs the river line or a more tarmacked tree-lined path that runs through the middle of the playing fields. Take either, just be sure you are walking away from the car park and tennis courts!

Both paths will meet, and then head over the bridge which crosses over the brook.

Walk up Folly Road passing the Derby Rugby Club on your right behind the hedges.

Derby Rugby Club was officially formed in 1891–92. It is believed that rugby union was played under the Derby name for a few seasons prior to this date but no written evidence to support this exists. The club has played at a number of grounds and has been at the present site at Haslams Lane since June 2002.


Turn left at the junction heading towards Darley Abbey Mills.

Darley Abbey Mills are a collection of historic mill buildings dating back to the late 1700s.

Darley Abbey Mills

Walk through the Mills. There’s a lot of food and drink places along this route such as Darleys, Darly Abbey Wines, The Cotton Works and The Shed. (You can grab a drink or a sausage cob from here).

You will come to a bridge across the weir. This is a great spot to spend a few minutes watching the water thrash its way down the man-made slopes.

At the end of the bridge, go immediately left and keep left walking through the old houses that make up Darley Abbey old village and you will come to the currently closed Abbey pub.

Take a left just before the Paper Mill pub and you will recognise that you are back at the Car Park where you started out.

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Darley Abbey Circular Walk.

The Papermill, Darley Street, Darley Abbey, Derby, UK

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