Gandey's Circus

Gandey's Circus

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Find out what our writer Corinne thought about Gandey's circus when it visited Derby this year.

By Corinne Dudley, Love Derby Writer.

Ever since I was a child I could always remember wanting to go to the Circus, seeing the tall red and white big top being erected and the buzz of energy that surrounded it.

However, it wasn’t until last year did I get to experience my first Circus, which also happened to be Gandey’s when they visited Derby.

So imagine how excited I was when Love Derby was asked to come and see the curious spectacular that is Gandey’s Circus again!

I was accompanied by friends, some of whom had been to many circuses and one who had never been before, so it was set up to be a great evening and also for me to see if my team would enjoy it as it as much as I knew I would.

We collected our tickets and entered the arena where we stopped for refreshments before managing to get some fantastic seats, central and high enough to view everything.

I was a little curious to see if any of the acts I had seen the previous year would be repeated, and all bar one act which was a little similar – every act that then followed was completely new. Fantastic!

The Circus is an electrifying experience, one moment you are in fits of giggles at the clowns, clapping along to the dances and then you are left in awe of gravity-defying acts.

There is nothing like the Circus to make you grasp at your friend’s arm in amazement at the spectacle, and there was a lot of that.

This incredible Circus allows you to experience the shock of contortionism, the exhilarating high wire, stunning aerial acrobatics, unbelievable balance acts and a terrifying Thunderdome, and much more.

The show is split into two parts, allowing you an interval break. This is great for a little refreshment break and a good opportunity to move about after sitting for a while. The show in total is nearly 2 hours long.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we loved our evening, it was everything we expected and much more.

We’d have no hesitation to visit again and experience similar wonderful acts.

Our favourites had to be the beautiful aerial silks, Chico Rico the hilarious clown who will have you curled up in laughter at his pranks and the iron Thunderdome!

Gandey’s Circus really is a must see event, unfortunately we attended close to when the Circus was leaving in Derby but you can catch them now until Tuesday 24th September in Nottingham at Woodthorpe Grange Park in Sherwood. 

We are sure Gandey’s will be back in Derby soon for another exciting show! We will be there!

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