IoT Solutions in Multi-Tenant Building Management

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Published on 02/03/2020

IoT smart technology is sweeping the globe by storm and brings with it opportunities for Landlords and property managers, ranging from building damage prevention to services for tenants, such as increased security, indoor climate control and accurate consumption-based invoicing, while increasing the overall energy efficiency of the building and thereby its environmental performance.

Pride Solutions Derby uses industry leading technology to develop building management solutions that allows data to be collected from endless devices and, using artificial intelligence, allows control of devices such as heating, lighting and security systems to be automated along with adjusting predictive maintenance schedules based on usage data and early detection of faults.

One such industry case study from DS Energy in Denmark shows how adopting these sensors can make a huge difference to the levels of responsiveness and service possible, all thanks to the collection and analysis of real-time data:

“An exemplary case is where we installed sensors for a landlord, spread over 7 buildings of about 6 to 7 floors each. We measure a range of different things, from the consumption of energy, to the water consumption and heating. This allows the landlord to maintain a certain level of service quality to the tenants, by for example making sure there are no leaking toilets, all the ventilation and heating works the way it should, but also to ensure that no tenants are misusing the heating and to prevent building damages in the long run. At the end of the month, the landlord can split the costs of utilities with the individual tenants, accurately based upon their actual consumption.

In our view, LoRaWAN solutions are excellent for landlords with multi-tenant buildings. The costs are very low and it is easy to densify the network. In the above scenario for example, the 7 buildings were covered with only 2 micro gateways. Alternatively, you can cover a much larger area with a single outdoor gateway, at the point this is more economical. Either way, the network costs are very low, while the results are very beneficial to both the landlords and the tenants.”

– Jarl Gorridsen, Managing Director at DS Energy. (Read the original article in full here)

Pride Solutions Derby is able to offer a wide ranging portfolio of sensors and devices all hand picked and tailored to meet the needs of your buildings and tenants. Low power wide area solutions, like LoRaWAN, have a good potential in building management, as they are well-fit for these applications.

“LoRaWAN offers a strong value proposition to the utilities with the flexibility to deploy and/or leverage private and public networks in a cost-efficient manner, along with interoperability at the network and device levels.”

– LoRa Alliance whitepaper on utilities 

Get in touch with us to learn how our IoT solutions work and how they can help give your business the edge over your competition.


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