Pride Solutions Goes International.

Pride Solutions Goes International
Published on Thu 2nd January 2020

Pride Solutions Derby has recently helped a major UK supplier realise their ambition to automate data collection from the production line in their new factory in Benin, West Africa. Starting from nothing but a basic idea in the head of the managing director about how it would be great to have live production information on a dashboard screen in the operations room, Pride Solutions Derby Ltd reviewed the entire production cycle and designed a bespoke solution tailored specifically to work with all of their equipment to automatically gain the best possible live data.

The information collected in this dashboard is critical to the client growing and developing their business successfully and would allow them to continue competing on the world stage as a major supplier of exotic foods to all major UK supermarkets.

Pride Solutions Derby supported the client to understand what specific data they needed to see and, by explaining what options where available, we nurtured that idea into a list of system requirements we could work with.
From this list, we were then able to design a full system of remote sensors that interfaced seamlessly with water & electric meters, ozone production systems, various weigh scales, people counting systems and shipping systems to provide an up to date display of all the live production data, allowing the operations team to react faster to changes in production demand and assess yield and efficiency in a more timely manner.

However, not only does the new system allow them to operate better reactively, but Pride Solutions Derby also used its’ engineering knowledge of production processes to build logic into the data processing rules that allows the operations team to begin looking ahead and act PROACTIVELY to avoid shortages, optimise staffing levels and minimise energy consumption. All features that would increase the reactivity, resilience and, most importantly, profitability of their business whilst reducing wastage and environmental impacts.

Following successful design and setup of the system from the bottom up here in the UK, Pride Solutions Derby will now travel to Benin to work with both European and local African suppliers to complete the installation and on-site configuration of this system, demonstrating our truly global capacity and reach.

To find out how we can help you develop and grow your business using the latest technology, get in touch today and we’ll work to develop the bespoke solution you need to make your business soar.

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Pride Solutions Goes International