The old Derby Mile is dead, long live the Love Derby Mile

by Stuart Costen, founder of Love Derby

Do you remember the old Derby Mile?

Starting at the Derbyshire Yeoman – which is now a McDonalds – and slowly making your way down Ashbourne road towards Derby.

I’m too young to remember it in its entirety but I did do the slimmed down version before too many of the pubs closed down and it became more of a hop, skip and a jump.

It’s time we brought the Mile back, so it’s with great pleasure I present to you the new ‘Love Derby Mile’ (hold for applause).

Eight excellent old and new Derby pubs with a walking distance of roughly a mile (according to Google Maps it’s not far off). Take note or print it off as this is a great crawl to do with friends. The trip has plenty of real ale along the way and has into some of my favourite pubs in Derby.

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